WNC Dirty Dozen


The WNC Dirty Dozen Dual Sport Map Series was conceived to give dual sport motorcycle riders some new options for exploring the many great back roads in the western North Carolina area. New maps will be added to the series periodically to eventually include at least 12 great rides ranging in length from a few hours to all day. The rides range in difficulty from good pavement and easy gravel roads to Jeep trails and stream crossings. Each ride has a description on the title page to identify the terrain.  The maps are setup to coordinate with the included roll chart directions list as well as to complement GPS units. Key UTM coordinates are included as reference to use with a GPS. Coordinates for every turn are not included as this would greatly increase the size of the roll chart and over complicate the maps.  To use the roll chart in a chart holder, you will need to photocopy it and cut it in strips then tape the strips together into one long roll. The maps are printed on the highest quality water and tear proof paper with pigment inks, so they can easily be used by themselves in a tankbag or taped to the top of your tank.      Maps are available to order here for $5.75 each plus $1.20 shipping , or they can be purchased at: Black Dome Mountain Sports 140 Tunnel Rd. Asheville, NC 28805.
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